Dr. Cleaner is all in one Mac Clean Master that offers Memory Free, Disk Clean, App Cleaner and more to clean my Mac. Fully compatible with macOS High Sierra on your Macbook. Mac Disk Clean by reviewing a clickable disk map for details of system file distribution. Easily know which files or folders use the most disk space with this Clean Master. 1-click Mac Memory Clean to speed up your Mac’s performance. Instantly frees up memory after closing Apps. Identify Apps that occupy a significant amount of memory. All in one Mac Memory Optimization Utility.

Quick disk clean from the status bar menu. Clean temporary files, logs, mail caches, iTunes and iOS temporary files, etc. Empty Trash for current users. Detect and remove remaining files of uninstalled Apps. Clean trash in removable storage to clean your Mac.

Best FREE Mac Clean App for Duplicate Files with the fast and accurate scanning technique that covers your entire home folder. Auto-select for duplicates quick disk clean. Users can preview each duplicate to decide which file should be deleted.

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